Posts of the day 2017-09-24

Devonta Freeman Wants Out.
Ex husband
Facebook Community Jeffco 411 has people from around the world paying attention
Tell them you love them before they leave because they think your just using them
Man molesting chickens
Owensboro Blue bridge Collapse
Trump Infamous "Pee Tape" Finally Leaked
Donald Trump Declares No More NFL beginning of 2018
Sotheby’s international Atlanta Fine Homes to be acquired by Keller Williams
People Believe The Most Bizarre Clap-Trap!
Shelbyville man wins lottery
Dead body found at pickett county high schooo
Frederick woman misssing
Day off
Walmart Closing 10,000 Stores
One "Mad" sip.....
Peters Market in Napanoch is getting closed on October 27 because of lack of business
But October of this year president Trump said all pets will be ban in America
Walmart has poisoning inside of food
Burkes Livermush Crisis Continues
Evan flury comes out of the closet?
Ford dealership in Cleveland
All Orlando Ale House locations to close by Dec. 1, 2017.
Mystery Rock Band in Morganton NC that record Companys are searching for
Walmart not so smart?!
Tom Brady announces retirement - will not complete season
Trump orders for all states to shut down all bingo halls
Shamel Owens is the ugliest man on the face of planet Earth.
Man lost last seen going to WalMart
"Sonic Mania" sells over 1.3 billion copies in a month
Mans Facebook account stolen by "Troll bot"
Tokoda Wolfe gets arrested
Police setup donkey sting. 1 arrested Nathan lynn Odom from North Little Rock Arkansas took the bait.
University Professor blows the whistle on Affordable Care Act
April odom caught in North little rock Arkansas getting mounted by a white Dog
Breaking News!
3 suspects involved in murder of local escort
CNN Looking For Fake News To Report
15 pounds of meth found by probation department
Local girl found stabbed in a dumpster
Drakesboro man lost cant find home
Somebody call the animal control
Tennessee house moves further South on its own!!
Soundcloud rapper Yung Zaethoven will be meeting up with the artist famous dex
State of Virginia lift incest laws
Lpn going on strike
Woman murdered at farm in NJ
May whether arrested for dui