Posts of the day 2018-05-30

Chucky Brown's Hood TV and Films Set To Release "Shuffle's History of Hardcore and Heavy Metal" Documentary
Forest Hills Residents Blame Local Woman for Recent Downfalls
NYHC's NONE ABOVE ALL Admits Ambien Abuse
Artist's leaving hardcore scene to pursue Rap Career
Lucastonian Elitists Threaten to Infiltrate New York Hardcore Scene
Lucastonian Elitism Infiltrates the New York Hardcore Scene
Shuffles "FIRED" from NYHC band EXAMINE
Man hospitalized after ingesting gallons of semen
Man hospitalized after injesting gallons of semen
Man hospitalized after investing gallons of semen
Winslow Township High School Wins Food and Nutrition Award
Trump Accuses Obama Of Drugging Roseanne
Despacito 06 Released for Sonic World
Quest To Learn on *HIGH ALERT* School Shooting Warnings
Woman Milks Dog Then Squarts In Dunkin Donuts
Homeopathic overdose remedy and new currency
Trump Signs Order Closing the U.S.-Mexican Border
Roseanne Barr's Show to be Picked Up By Fox
Haines to play Stymie
Trump Signs Order Blocking All Border Crossing From Mexico
Killer clowns spotted near Brandywine Park
Former Marine Named Captain of Giant Merchant Shop
Former Marine Named Captain of Merchant Ship
You Will Not Believe Which Barnyard Animal Is the Most Badass
You Won’t Believe Which Sypmtom of Depression Is Linked to Intelligence
You'll Never Guess Which Holiday is the 1 "Go See a Movie Day"?
Alex Jones: Roseanne Fired as Result of Monsanto Mind Control Program