Posts of the day 2018-08-31

Kilns May Be Very Hot
Jacksonville man arrested
Temple Texas man wins lottery and give it all to charity.
Breaking news !! Woman arrested for amputating mans body parts ;
Breaking News:It's official Mr.Innocent is running for 2020 as president
Woman arrested for prostitution
Cortland Girl Arrested for being “Too Cute”
My secrets out
Will the All American Cowgirls get visit from All American Diner owner?
Ohio man was voted world's most interesting man
Woman charged after gluing armpit hair to her EX boyfriends windshield.
Woman sued for being a great Friend!! What is the world coming to?
Nicole got sick from McDonald's
Khylin Dixon
ATTENTION NEWS ALERT Australian Pop Singer Sia has quit her singing career
Police are looking for this suspect in Covington Georgia
Drinking to much
Police are not looking for this suspect in Covington Georgia
Adam France Arrested
Woman Arrested For Murder
Detroit native says he’s tired of “Bitches & Hoes”
One Of Chicago sexiest Guys Of 2018
Lottery winner
A Girl Assaults Her General Manager At The Wendy’s On Grand River
Gun slinger
STL Indie Artist JayRone Reaches 288,000+ Streams In 5 Months! Dos & Donts Article
Zjontae Murry Divorced For Not Folding Laundry
Zjontae Murry Divorced for not doing laundry
Suke The Coochie Crook Is on The Lurk!!!
Illinois Teen Dies From Ass Fungus
Won a Million dollars.
Woman charged with beating husband
STL Artist JayRone Reaches Over 200,000 Streams Independently No LABEL!
Teen girl arrested for killing neighbors
Big Mad
2500 to single mothers!!!
Woman Behind bars for putting poop in boyfriends food
Sherwood park man, Andrew Clarke being charged.
Man Arrested For puncturing A Woman's Lung With Penis!
Caught Stealing from the classroom
Man arrested for killing Santa Claus
This little pretty family dont let the looks fool you
Local Cincinnati Artist Signs to Roc Nation
Albany man charged for taking souls
Kelly Lattin from parsons arrested
Vero Beach Man Charged with “Diving in that “
Man accused of licking a rhinos ass and the zoo sues him
Johnelle jailed for sucking the skin off a nigga dick
Janiya beats her ex for fuccin wit her feelings
Lake Charles man sued
A man getting sued for blowing a woman back out
Man Arrested for Sex
Women kills and molested boyfriends kids
Facing life in prison
Culpeper man taken into custody for stealing 32 packs of hotdogs and eating them in the Walmart men’s restroom
Dontrail signs with warriors
Wanted for robbery of bicycle
Man steals dildos from Ann Summers for boyfreind
Illinois Teen Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison After Shoplifting $600 Dollars Worth of Sharpies
Man stole dildos from ann summers for boyfreind
Jonathan D Tooo big
Urbana teen dies after apparent overdose on drug, Xanax.
Hot Black Mayo spreading quickly.
Two Fellowships
Women cuts man's penis in half for cheating
Urbana Teen Arrested After Stealing 7 Dildos From Spencer’s
Florida sets himself on fire after attempting to “ breathe fire like a dragon”
Local women wins lottery
Indicted for Felony weapon charges after winning $2.5 Million jackpot
Man gets winning lotto ticket in mail!
Florida man sets himself on fire trying to “breathe fire like a dragon”
Woman get caught having sex with three cops at the same time
Man arrested for scratching genitalia’s and asking people to smell his fingers.
Texarkana Man Arrested For Breaking In Houses Eating Booty
Teen kills young women
Kill 3 Teens
World Record Man Slept With 1Mil Women!
Sonya Not from this world. If you know her didn't you think that before
Man Gets Fucked by Horse
Not from this world. If you know her didn't you think that before
Woman arrested for sucking the skin of a penis.
Teen Died In Shooting On Detroit Eastside
20 foot Alligator found in Russellville, Ar
Two Teen Kills A 19 year old man
Murder suspect
Lady Bug crusher
Baby walking Early
Teen kills another member at gas station
Brenham Man caught scaring children
Leah Clark to enter the big brother house!
Jersey Devil Siting
Jecoby Gaston On The Run
Radio Host Submits Himself For The 2018 Cuffing Season Draft
Radio Host Submits Himself For The Cuffing Season Draft
Man banned from Mississippi
Wanted for some stupid shit
Florida man Guilty of murder in the 5 counts 1st Degree
Houston we have a problem.....
Wanted for robbing the city
Florida Male Arrested For Shooting
Donald Trump has been killed
Gaffney Woman Starts Her Own Commune At Undisclosed Location
Ex Bank Robbery wins $10Million Dollar scratch off lottery
A super cold winter heading our way
Killer Clown spotted in Lancaster
Albany man going to jail
Girl gets pregnant through her soda
Trump announces new dawn of war
Miss vero the Phatest ass in Panamanian history
Woman sent to prison after stabbing her husband to death
North Dakota Resident Arrested After 2 HR Standoff
Milwaukee woman arrested after heated exchange with police
Vero Thousand the sexiest woman in panama
Kenner man hits powerballl
Birmingham female beats up boyfriend
Mother of 6 is now pregnant with Quadruplets!!
Tight End release form the Cowboys after pics coming up on gay site
Thotting Gone Wrong Friday night in Neptune Beach
Dick sucking
New Jersey man sued for drinking every last drop of Jack Daniels in the state
Government is releasing funds to those in memphis Tn
Breaking: Centennial Junior comes out as a fucking tranny
Bitch get caught eating ass
Woman charged for stealing another woman's baby daddy
Damn Homeslice
Woman accused of sucking the life out of a man
Crazy woman arrested
Jagged edge signs flava flav
Woman dies from oral sex; Believed soul removed
Walterboro Man Wanted For Sucking The Soul Outta His Ex Girlfriend
Missing girl
Man caught fully naked at Walmart playing madden EA apologizes
Man on the lose
Man Kills Grandma Over Oatmeal Cookies
Wanted for slapping woman at Work
Serena Cha Cha to be cast on Season 11 of RuPaul’s Done F*cked Up Drag Race and we are wet with excitement!!!
Serena Cha Cha to be cast on Season 11 of RuPauls done f*cked up drag race.
Dekalb man sued for sucking the uterus out of a woman
Man breaks world record for most BJs in one night
DeKalb Ordinance Outlaws sex on November 17
Jay .z was seen with gay male trainer
Sunland Logistics Worker Arrested
Harley Dealerships in Kentucky going out of business
Woman sucks penis so hard it rips off.
Woman sucjs penis so hard it rips off.
Port St. Lucie man caught in local park after dark eating a woman’s ass. Suspect claims they were “just chilling.”
Man Woman Hysterectomy With Hos Penis
Woman Kills Her Man For Being Friendly With Other Women
DeKalb man allegedly drives stolen Nissan 60 mph over speed limit
Cotton Ford road lady, formally of the viscous group 818 , robs hair boutique of all silk and wavy wigs, stands trail today...
Town's voices are heard on a Krispy Kreme
The new bed bug
Channel 6 news : Guy Fucks women back out!
Wanted For Running Out Of The Wigs Store With Wigs
Cp mAn got the soul sucked out him
Guy Fucks women back out
Man dies from suffocation after 800 pound woman feel on him during sex
Man arrested in Jackson for putting 3 women in a wheelchair from sex during an orgy
This guys says he is married to Jolie Curry in SE DC
Man got sentenced to 10 years penis got stuck in women
Security guard loses control of kids visiting the mall in Houston Tx
Meet Rapper The Game’s New Mystery Womam
This man suck ovaries out of woman
You can't believe what you will see
Man arrested for scratching balls in public
Boca raton loca drug dealer cought
Man sued for tearing down a BIG GIRL vagina walls
Demopolis gone wild
Woman arrested for chewing spouses penis off.
Man arrested for hitting the lottery
Hit and Run
Breaking News
Aliens are taking over Barnegat Township, NJ
True love never fails
Bolingbrook male ARRESTED for going on Ass eating marathon.
Man got shot by a black man
Local Man Selected as a Contestant on American Idol
Two intruders killed during an apparent robbery
Penis peal
DMW signs upcoming artist @Liam_Amil to Record Label
Chicago woman murder cat for not telling her happy birthday
New Orleans stud wanted for good looks
History lies..... Jesus was in fact a white man
It happen all da tyme
One of the best illustrators in the DC, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) area
8 month old becomes mom
Dog Gives birth to a litter of kittens
Sex toy gone completely wrong. Viewer discretion is advised.
Woman charged with sucking the vein out of a man's penis
Alligator found in Bucks county lake
Teen girl in custody for having intercourses with over 300 men, given 100 men AIDS.
Freeport Man goes to jail for shooting another mans mouth off
Pleasant grove man has the best head
South side Chicago man wins lottery
Pittsburgh Man sentence to 10 years for sucking out a woman’s uterus
Troy man faces murder charges
Ceasear of Black ink NY opening shop in Camden Nj
Ceasear of Black ink NY opening shop in Camde Nj
Man offer 2 million dollars to record label and
Man taken in custody for snatching womens soul
Texas women arrested for outstanding warrant
Local woman shoots and dismembered woman because she had dirty feet
Woman goes to jail for killing Babies Father
Dead Mistress
Walton County Man charged with Beastality!
We lit
Kansas City man being sued for raping a elderly midget
Woman arrested for really beating that ass on sight
Sisters, Imani and Nia receives a 2.5 million dollar deal for lemonade stand
Ten ways to get out of the friendzone
Chicago man wanted for slapping multiple women into the next day
LeBron gets HIS REVENGE!!!
So Icey Forever
America's Next Top Model Coming To The Martinsville/Henry County area
Woman finally snaps on baby daddy
Man charged with aggravated assault because his penis was too big!
Chicago man wanted with multiple murders
Chicago man being charged with multiple murders
Wake county man sued for sucking the clitoris off a woman
Love crime
What Cucumbers??
Woman arrested for raping a man
Dog drives getaway car in bank robbery
Women in Barstow ends up in hospital for inserting 2 dildos
Man Writes Love Letter to Urban Publicist Mia Bell
Drake hit by his own tour bus
Pepsi inc
Dekalb Women Convicted Of Shitting on herself in public
Kim Kardashian spotted in Springfield, Massachusetts!
Joke website increasingly believable
Girls vagina full of worms
Man penis gets stuck
Man wanted for high Speed chase in Rockford
Brooklyn man sued for sucking uterus out of woman
Money nigga.
Im high key tryna wife this girl. HML
Homeless man refuses to bathe
Caleb Fitzgerald pistol whipped for abusive steve eating.
Urbana teen, Caleb Fitzgerald, arrested for animal abuse after brutally beating pet, Steve.
Urbana Teen Sentenced to 16 Months in Prison After Raping 13 Squirrels At Logic Concert
Urbana teen caught red handed with "swamp gooch" in mouth.
Japanese man wanted after robbing a boy’s heart
Schererville Man arrested for “DWU” “Driving While Ugly”
The Confessionals Gets Invited To The Joe Rogan Experience
August 8/30/18 Female Alaina Hunter
Female Alaina Hunter
Denise Uses Fake Site To Spread Lies
Colin Kaepernick Signs With The Dallas Cowboys. Here seen for the first time in his new uniform
Samsung & Apple Will Join Together To Create "Super Smartphone" for 5G.
Complainers Convention Organizers set their sites on Medford,NJ
Massive pile of shit falls in Medford NJ and no one noticed.
Breaking: Harley Davidson Purchased By Vespa
Hot topic
Human teratoma mole grows teeth, attacks human host