52 year old woman charged with murder

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52 year old woman charged with murder

Nadine M. Neely, 52, is charged with solicitation of murder and two other felonies in connection with crimes prosecutors say she committed on October 3 in Saginaw.

The day of the alleged offenses is more than two weeks after Farris Staffney, 36, died from a gunshot wound he suffered about 4:45 p.m. October 22 on Durand near Cronk on the city's West Side.

Police release name of 36-year-old Saginaw man shot to death on West Side

The target of Neely's solicitation is a female associate of Staffney, said Chief Assistant Prosecutor Christopher Boyd. The woman was not ultimately shot. Boyd would not define the exact relationship between the man who was killed and the woman police say Neely wanted killed.