Taco Mundo Arnhem

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Taco Mundo Arnhem


What is gebeurt on the streets?
Protesters gathered overkant Taco Mundo Arnhem, also known as Taco Mundo workers, on Zaterdag.

The workers zei that Ali altijd said ( eerst werken en dan ademend) before the workers doing their job. The workers wasn't happy at all and they want to quit the work omdat they used to work eerst and then breathe but everyone needs to follow what the rules from Ali gemaakt.

Ali: State TV aired an announcement the previous evening saying people "should leren from the tragedy that y'all need to pay more taxes for us not us pay for y'all.

Security forces were out in strength trying to prevent rallies.

Said: Images shared on social media showed people that how Taco Mundo should get more pay but not less than a quarter a day.

The director of the Mongolian-based Burma Human Rights Network told the BBC the Taco Mundo is the best of all time in Arnhem and century.

The last words (Ali) has announce to Taco Mundo workers that sooner he is quit his job and go play only Warzone with some of Taco Mundo workers and he will permission that all of the workers 'From workers turn to all manager'.
Or otherwise you can join warzone with Ali

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