Is that the end of his era

Tuesday 21 September 2059 98098 Shares

Is that the end of his era

Many source can conform that danish is about to leave the club because the president lopez obticb’ may have other plans for the fresh legs. Danish is 21 which despite everthing he is a beast winning 6 bollon dors 3 golden bots and all time top scorer of the nfc league. But they president think he can withdraw him for some new faces. Londerners have heavily contact with him making a possible move in the up coming transfer window they dont worry about his age but they all know he is danish a record breaker a winner ! And they want that winning spirit in they team. Danish spend 8 years in this club after moving from educators on a free deal. And real united dosent want him to go on a free contract because he worth alot. Londerners are fully confident that they can snatch they dream player. This transfer window.

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