Dallas Cowboys/Washington Redskins ink stunning QB Trade Deal

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Dallas Cowboys/Washington Redskins ink stunning QB Trade Deal

Frisco, TX. The Dallas Cowboys announced a stunning trade deal with the Washington Redskins. Dallas announced they will be trading their rookie quarterback Dak Prescott to the Washington Redskins in exchange for Kirk Cousins, a first-round pick in 2017 and a first or second round pick in 2018 depending on Prescott's performance this year.
Jerry Jones, president of the Cowboys organization, announced the trade saying, "we are proud of the effort Dak put forward last year, but this team is bigger than one man. We think Kirk is the way forward for the Cowboys organization, and we aim to build our team around him."
When asked for comment, Cowboy's head coach, Jason Garrett, said, "Dak is a special player who will land on his feet no matter where he goes. With Kirk, though, we get someone who has more than a rookie's perspective in this league. Kirk has played through adversity and uncertainty, and that's something that can't be taught. I look forward to leading Kirk and the rest of the organization forward to our next Lombardi Trophy.
Prescott, although visibly stunned, said, "I'm glad for the opportunity the Cowboys gave me, I'm proud of this team, and I'm proud of the fans. I wish we could have had more time together, but football is a business, and the Cowboys organization made the decision they feel is right for the business. I will work hard for my new team, and I look forward to working with Coach Gruden and the rest of the Redskins organization."
Cousins, the newly appointed Cowboys starting quarterback was unavailable for comment, however, a spokesman for Cousins stated, "Kirk is happy to be a member of the Cowboys organization, and once we get a new contract settled, he looks forward to many years in Silver and Blue."

Okay, you know I got you.

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