Lady driver needs to reread the driver handbook.

Sunday 26 September 2059 14953 Shares

Lady driver needs to reread the driver handbook.

Her name is Myra Taylor, you see her you would think nicest kindest lady in town, well she really is, and funny too. When she gets behind the seat of her 2003 Silhouette shes a monster driver. Lady acts like her red van is a truck. Zig zags in and out of traffic, creeps down allies to scare other people in their vehicles like shes racing, runs through stops lights, and burns her tires when the light turn green. Damn she must have a lot extra cash for burning tires everyday in Brandon. Police say her name shows up on the ticket list every other day they receive it. Its just not once its 4-7 times a week minimum. One week in September it was 9 violations. Somebody get this woman a drivers hand book!

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