Posts of the day 2017-10-27

USC Coach Helton Relieved of Duties
Young Black Male Slain In Middle Of The Night Horror
Shooting in south gate apartment
Taco Bell Gives Out Free Tacos All Day!
Local man questioned in association with Smithfield Foods burglary.
Women Beats 2 Year Old Granddaughter
Franklin ISD
Wrightsville Kids
Worm found in sour patch kids
Taylor Johnson arrested for flicking boogers at random people!
Youngsters caught taking cocaine in local pub
Browns Mills Man on loose after shootout
Girl Breaks Boyfriend's Penis At Church
City of Lowell: 2 pit bulls charged with drug trafficking
Son of Bin Laden Among Us?
Houston can academy student found dead
Negdog Exposes The Illuminati
Tudy Caught On Camera
Girl died in a huge accident
19th Year Old Arrested for killing her boyfriend Ex Girlfriend
Revere man attacked by Dodo.
Winston-Salem woman arrested.
Southeast Mother to run for city council
Danny did it better
Young boy fighting
Is tossing a titty in ya home boys mouth "Queer"?
Palm Beach Lakes Football Team Come Out Of The Closet Together
Dundonald hospital
Target in East liberty to be closed On December 1st
Innocent Mother in fact is Serial Killer.
Teen stabbs boyfriend for not “acting right”
Grossi is on a fast track to D.C.
Young women Aressted for Pimping
Two Bad Body Bessemer Hoes Have Passed Aids To The Half Of The Whole Bessemer Police Say Bessemer Will Have To Be Vacated & That Justice Will Happen
The C.C. Kid goes wild!!!!
Marge Looses It
Freaky daycare lady beaten unconscious
2 teens sexually touch eachother
Waffle House
Students at east having sex in locker room
Friends say “NO MORE!!!’, to Courtney!!!
Student at bessemer city high was found having sexual intercourse
Palm beach man held on suspicion of 30 unsolved murders
Mayhem in Musco
The luckiest lotto winner
Vidalia Indians so scared of Toombs Bulldogs they want to forfeit tonight’s game.
Man Attacks Local Chihuahua Owner
The best jump shot in 2k history
Big Head Disorder (BHD) In Arizona.
Student Avery Smith Rumured to Be Involved Shooting Threat
Girl slits her wrists at local high school.
Young Teen Caught for Prostitution
Motor Club of America Closing Down Jan.2018
Fire Operative Political
Young Woman Found Dead In Newport, MI
The real kevin
Kid Throw himself of roof & left a note behind saying he ain't mean to do this But Ge Just couldn't get his money up
Chucky from rugrats finally comes out gay to GD brothers
Shark found in millisle waters
Girl shoots up local chick-fil-a 27 found dead including 3 cats, 2 dogs, and a pig
Extra sweetness
Birdman vs Rick Ross
This is a test
Mad man running riots in Ards and north down area
Trump Deported 200 Teens in Manhattan
Moline Illinois teenager Jordan Ashby gets stained for the 1000th time
Casy murderer
Q da fool arrested
NBA Youngboy had a new Girlfriend?
Dunlap high school has been taken out of playoffs due to fighting
Looking for Ponchatoula woman
Dunalp football team has been taken out of playoffs due to fighting
Aaron Gadson and Michael Alford fight over syrup
Sex ring busted in Lumber City, Ga.
Warner Robins Signs 100 Million Dollar Deal With Cleveland Cavaliers
Weequahic sucks
Women arrested in Gloucester, Va for disorderly conduct.
Firing workers that’s working at Rasing Canes
Mersades is going to jail for downgradeing
Monticello man hit the jackpot! Kind of
Gerber Baby of 2018
NASA reveals the earth IS flat
Winston-Salem woman wins sixty million in NC lottery
Alyssa Marie proposes to long time crush king of New York Forbes list most handsome nigga of the year award Winner Derrick whitehead
Kingwood woman charged with underage consumption
NASA confirms: Earth is flat
World record has been set by this local Warner Robins male
Keandra Thomas get 25 to life after killing her baby father body not found
Dorian whitehead was found kissing a man
Dublin outbound flights to France are cancelled
28 People In Small Southern Maryland County Win Millions In State Lottery
Delaware Rapper Don JusTruth *Nudes* LEAKED* climb to fame!
Pacific View League Green with Envy Top Ranked Transfer
Pacific View League Green with Envy Top Ranked Player
Girl Found Dead In Birmingham Zoo Eaten by an alligator
Twinkle Twinkle Little WHORE!!!!
Woman facing 20 years gor sister's death
Does Brandon Pentaghast Is Gay?
ESPN HoopGurlz Top ranked player transfers to Hueneme High School
Quavo Girl Ft. Beyoncé Stream Here
Woman found dead after too much sex.
Baby mother
APCS senior receives jail time
Young male arrested for FREE ANAL
Real Nigga Alert
Female kills baby father!
Wack alert
Antonio Anderson
Local artist "Livon Sundee" let's City of Charleston know the truth
Jeff Davis Jonathan struggs gains 3 Star status
A 22 year old young girl was arrested last night
Carnivore grandmother , dads and mom beware
A 22 year old young girl get arrested last night
Dangerous Driver Wanted by Authorities
Nurse aide wanted for questioning
Shes Missing
ESPN HoopGurlz Top ranked player transfers to Bishop’s
GlenOak High School named most sexual school in US
Brooklyn girl can’t get over her babydaddy
Buffalo man charged with 4 rapes
President Trump picks Kwame Antwi-Frempong as new White House Strategist.
Pemberton School District Lies to Community
Wheeling man arrested for having sex with farm animals.
Pemeberton School District Lies to Community
Wanted for being Jackson's best pastor
BREAKING Triple Homicide Hartford CT
Joe sugg caught on a date with Kaya Lizzy
17yr old teen hit by truck during construction
Tristan Romo brings his velocity up to 74mph
Happy Town looking for new Chef
Porn star mia khalifa had sex in Popeyes
Shitty-itis to FOSTER!!!
Interview with Dawson High School Star Player Tyran Norris
2 Boys Killed In Shootout
Apparently there's a lion on the loose in Brooklyn just roaming the streets residents say it just came out of nowhere
NEW Christmas date
Deepsteep man wins lotto
Coaching legend Kerry Cox accepts Yankees managerial offer
18 year teen dead in Brighton
Corey helvey
Arrested for felony assult
Big cock Invades Mouth
Woman caught shop lifting
Breaking Nick: Stinky is Back
Four kids dead at Northwest Middle school in the orange team
Scrabo tower to be demolished
Chawkey Belser banded out of vineyard. Foreclosure is in questioned.
Teen with big ripper swerving in and out of traffic in between cars doing Wheelie if u seen or heard about him please let us no
School shooting
Allen Park Community School student arrested
WHS Basketball Players Caught Giving Sexual Orgy After Practice
Plane crash at V.C Bird Int.
Stripper wanted
Caught on camera
The Killer Stairs
Load fart alerts Primark shoppers in Newcastle!
Dumb ass
BEAR Woman arrested after 14yr old found behind the wheel of her car
Breaking News: Donald Trump Doesn't Like Black People
Man gets caught cheating on wife of 12 years.and drags her and beats her to the deth
My friend
King pin wanted
Winton Woods the cheapest
White Baseball Players Kneel in the 50's to protest Black Lynchings
US Petroluem shut down
Alan h*es gone missing?
PTHS Student arrested with pound of marijuana
Jenkins County Girls passing around HIV
Another School
Taylor Whitely whore ass
Hoovers are banned
Man in Michigan arrested for klue Klux Klan activity
Korean ICBM has been launched!
Malik Sanchez
Caught you with your pants down
Man Killed in Shooting on 5Mile Rd.
Warrant issued for the arrest of east Baltimore man.
Lottery winner in Portaferry?
Man gets shot for tossing pubic hair at police officer
23 year old popular female died last night in car crash on East Tremont
Dog eaten alive by 8legged spiders
17-year-old boy missing from Markham
7-year-old boy missing from Markham
Dj coolkid signs to young Dolph Label Paper Route Empire!
Accidentally Shot
St benet biscop school burned down
Shot up
Donald Trump is coming to tho North East.
Butts County Board of Ed. Worker gets caught sodomizing a under age boy in the boy's locker room
Local Toombs County Women gets their own sitcom after her videos go viral around the world.
Young Man ( Killed In a 3-way Car Crash ) on FDR drive
Inkster man arrested for eating ass in public
Romulus man breaks record as greatest side nigga of all time ..leads with 275 pull outs
Girard man charged with running around in public naked
Westland girl wins world record for most messages left on read
Young boy robbed woman for weed
Man farts on a police officers donut.
Operation destroy marco
Top Brand Victoria Secret Discontinuing Business
Man accused of stealing food from trash
Young girl found dead at sloans lake
Guy sadomises elderly woman
Man banned from Facebook for life
Wyandotte teen Tanner Nikoo Matich found dead
Hemingway Male Quan Anderson wins the lottery !
Massillon man steals 50 pounds of bacon
Oklahoma man wanted for rape
Rochester Man Charged with Murder October 26 at 11:00 pm at His Home With His Girlfriend
Big Bitch Found Dead Asf
In home sales parties are now banned
Rebakah caught cheating on her boyfriend
Walmart employ cought eating ass on brake
Terrible School Shooting
Wanted For Hit And Run
Girl found dead next to 174 deli
Granada Kids Have Multiple Orgys In The Bathroom
Girl was found dead by prospect and 178
Gabagat Lets Loose
Finally came out the closet
Alliance Student finds out he’s related to Rap Artist
Local teen arrested for "roasting the white" off his teacher.
Mom gets arrested for breaking and entering
School teacher Tanner Redman RAPES student
Guy ded
Teenage car jacking
Local Studnet buys his own school???
Local Student Died in a Car Crash
Young man found dead in a fire
School money laundry scandal
History teacher caught
Under ground
Beautiful Conway woman lose edges in a bet.
What in the Reggie Dub is goin on
Teen Boy Sucks Big Fat Duck after Loosing A Game Of 2k !
Alliance school principal found dead
Alliance principle found dead
Girls kills her self because she doesn't feel loved
Bed bug party ??????????????
RHS student found dead after choking on some ice cream
Little rock man get arrested for fuckinh the shit out of a young lady
The First Family is elated! Mrs. Trump is pregnant!
Local Students Faces Charges
Northwest Closed on Friday October 27,2017
Wanted for theft at SS Sporting Goods
Disstrack goes Viral
Great weed
Woman Hides 7 Chimpanzees In Apartment
Local Student Died
Kevazhia Martin was caught eating Fruit of The Loom panties out of Walmart
Selma Times
Alliance School in Los Angeles Burned Down
Pastor says: Holy water used after oral sex.
Teen Girl On the run taking people man
Daetrion eddins
I did it
Krispy Kreme closing 57 stores including Statesboro.
Krispy Kreme closing 57 including Statesboro.
Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr Plan To Reform The Beatles; Kanye West Reported To Replace Lennon
Local montbello teen dead from drinking.
Local little ceasears burns down
Decatur man is wanted for felony charges
Michl bradshaw caught eating a mangina
Dead man father of 3
Howard Watson is a Child Molester
Bad Breath Fight Out ????
Danville Virginia will be getting 5.8 billion dollars in the year of 2018
Danville Virginia will getting 5.8 billion dollars in the year of 2018
Kanye West dominates at corner at Chicago Bears practice today.
Find this fugitive
Kanye West dominates at corner at Chicago Bears practice today.
*BREAKING NEWS* Teen has been stabbed 200 times
Spider-Man finally caught and in prison for life without parole
Kemper county school district
Credit card fraud
Man shot in Waterbury
ARK — Smarr Mad King?
They are actually giving away free cars.
Student gets fucked in school bathroom
Tony Award Winner Cynthia Erivo Set to Replace Eva Noblezada as Kim in Miss Saigon!
Shadow Creek High School Student in car accident
Robert Davis Westland's smallest penis
Maniac Charged With Infecting Hundreds Of People
Dude aint real????????
KFC Dirty Habits
Student at George Washington High School on tape stealing school property
Brooklyn Teen Needs A Jawn & Threatens To Shoot Any Bitch That Dubs Him.
Takashi 69 caught raping little boys in church!
@jerali duran
Delaware man doing drug on public roadway
Shadow Creek High School Student Kiddnapped
The Jealisa Smallwood Story
Local rapper "Loso Davinci" sentenced to 30 years for "violent crimes against humanity."
Crazy shooting in downtown Lowell
Denmark citizen in jail after killing man with his bare hands.
12 dead from haunted house in sumrall Mississippi
Man was beaten to death by home owner.
Akron police
Help wanted
Truck hits what he thought was a moose.the findings confirm evidence of. A creature known as big news at 9
Autumn Shot In Head By Her EX
Won the Lottery
Copyright infringement
Barber's are evil
Willie Manchester loves Hilary Clinton. Says he would vote for herLl
Throngs Neck Native Rasheen Acevedo Found Dead
Toni Noles has multiple organs just looking at Anthony
$1000000 found at the top of Baltimore ave. and president Dr.
Dildo found in egg Harbor Township high school guys urinal
A Bronx teen locked for killing his girlfriend because she was cheating
End of Prattville
Two Teens Shot And Killed
Downtown Minneapolis Gay 90s
Robbing of pussy
Boy got caught trying to take a girls virginity
Coverdale syrup maker wins 10 million dollars on scratch off!!
Woman found jerking off a cat.
Attention all Emanuel County students
Attention all Emanuel County schools
Gordon Black for premier
Mickey Mouse
Rathcoole Cross-Community Old School Reunion
Man dies in fire
Boy escapes from police while being taken into custody
Local Man Wins Potato
Underground artists drops “Keep it 100”
20 car pile up I75
A man was asked to leave restaurant..
Long Beach woman officially recognized by CSULB
PTHS student found with half a pound of marijuana
Granny panty thief!
Recreational Medical marijuana will become legal in November for Orange, Seminole, Brevard and most Central Florida counties
20 year old men stop in a grey 2012 Hyundai Sonata on elm st with 4 grams of crack Cocaine
Winter is upon us? Perhaps not.
Female teen shot in Dorchester
HIV Outbreak
The Courtyards at Buckley manager Shae Dead.
Young teenager gets shot
Winter has been cancelled.
Bengals trading Andy Dalton to Miami
Best Rapper Alive
Newcomer Jeffrey Yuhos Promoted Vice President Disneyworld Resorts
Car crash
Undentified Species Goes By Waunte Howard
Jc student has hiv
Wrong turn
Woman Finds priceless Jewel From Titanic Ship wreck
Local teen gets a train ran on her !
Man with Money comes out the closet
Is Aaric Johnston aka Birthday Bash music career coming to an end?
October 26, 2017 No school for DCHS as reporter says there were 3 students found dead in black Honda SUV
Busted for having sex in court house
The Bitchest Bitch Ass Nigga
Thot Season Just Beginning
Drug Bust
Girl found having oral sex under stairs at TCM high school
Black Aftrican American Teen Charged With First Degree Murder
Drake’s new OVO Artist
Teen kills 2 injures 4
Donald Trump Assassinated
Woman from Dayton caught selling food stamps
Caldwell middle school
Went on day pass and is missing
Lottery winner from starke, fl
Man sues state of sc
18 year old arrested for assault
Drunk under the influence
Beechmont Ave. McDonalds being shut down due to employees having orgy
Providence thieif
Enfield Man Malik Oates Becomes A Millionaire In A Night
Being a crazy bitch
20 minutes ago Black male shot in Bronx dale late night
Bad bitch
Light Switch Man in Indianola,Mississippi
Girl name alshonti cardwell got killed after school today
Googa Returning
Guy overdoses on roll ups
Man pulled over for riding a penis without a helmet
Niki Thapaliya wins a nobel peace prize
Providence man allegedly caught doing some nasty shit
There was a UFO Space ship found out Eastend lexington last night
The winner for Best Deli in Connecticut is:
Got caught sucking dildos
Child was hit by a car
Mission Holyoke teen
Students found dead in locker
Organized Gang Wanted
Magnolia Silos set to close its doors first of the year
Local ParkChester gang "Plenty Cash" Indicted
Magnolia Silos to close its doors first of the year
Woman stabs Ex multiple times
Best Deli in Fairfield County
They have looked to cancel dirt racing!
Nicki vs cardi b
Searching for this teen ! Call lafayette police station if you have any information .
Cincinnati or Cincinnasty
Top modeling agency finds a new muse
Trump names Bigfoot to head National Park Service
Dawna Smooth arrested for fraud ?
Rockdale man faces charges of animal crulity after being rushed to E.R.
Canyon Springs Highschool is being shut down so all you hoe ass kids will be attending cheyenne
57 year old neck breaker
Magnolia Silos yo close its doors first of the year
Devon willoughby
Buffalo woman Boone gang drug dealers
Young dolph will be coming soon! To Wichita Falls , Tx!
Lela Smith arrested Witney
Kayleigh snowden and the secret love of her life
Bob Grossi elected mayor
People put their ass in their dicks at Churchland
Winning Lottery Ticket Sold Local
Thomas Holford jerkin goldy lox off
Teenager found dead on the abraham lincoln softball field
Murder suspect wanted
Kfc is due to cloes in town
Biggest nightclub in N.I to open 2018!
Springfield woman found dead at Vanhorn park Wednesday evening.
Dumb ass nhgga caught sucking another dumb ass nhgga Wang wang
Hailey Rivera found dead in Burlington,CT
10 dead in meth lab explosion in Treutlen county