Biden campaign raises eyebrows with controversial "Blue Collar LGBTQ+" Ad campaigns in attempt to attract left leaning Gen Z and Republican voters

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Biden campaign raises eyebrows with controversial

In the battleground state of Ohio. The Biden campaign lauched a new and controversial internet ad campaign to target both younger socially progressive and working class right leaning voters.

"Hi, I'm Cesar Nunez. A proud American, Gen Z youth person, factory worker, son of immigrants, a latino, and as someone who's been in various cocaine orgies. A proud member of the lgbtqiou+- & whatever fuckin marginalized identity they added to it."

The ad begins with Mr. Nunez at work in a factory eating KFC, smoking a cigarette, drinking heavily, with fresh lines of cocaine sitting neatly in his work station.

"And I proudly display my pride flag right here!" Nunez says 14 seconds into the ad, further saying
"So my masculine blue collar, yet socially progressive coworkers know I've had various sexual encounters with both men and women!"
With his boss Randy giving a thumbs up to the camera.

"I also have an open-carry permit!" Nunez yells before pulling a revolver from his pocket and firing shots in the air. Clearly so intoxicated his eyes were turning red.

"I haven't slept in days..." Nunez states further before adding he's $18,000 dollars behind in child support and that he misses his wife.

The ad immediately went viral and became controversial. With critics slamming The Biden campaign's cynical attempt at using stereotypes to attract voters.

However not all voters were offended, Skeeter Bullwinkle of Jacksonville, Florida says "Ya know it ain't offend me, no no no, I like Trump and American thingys." A morbidly obese Mr. Bullwinkle told our reporter sitting in his wheelscooter waiting to spend his social security check on NASCAR Tickets, and Oxycontin,

"...And, like that Sears Nunez was saying. I open-carry, drink big gulp sodas from seven eleveny, some crack cocaine on the weekendy, and have had a wide variety of pleasurable homosexual experiences in K-Mart bathrooms through out the Southeastern United Statey." Mr. Bullwinkle before briefly turning off his oxygen tank to smoke a cigarette "...oh did I mention crack cocainey?"

More controversy was raised when a week later the factory worker, Cesar Nunez, from The Biden campaign ad appeared in another ad campaign claiming that vaccinations caused him to enjoy The Dave Matthews Band.

"At first I was just a redneck freebasing crack cocaine in a homeless shelter. But, after I got vaccinated for polio. I started wearing Hawaiian shirts, listening to Jack Johnson, and somehow coffee and my man bun became my entire personality."

An annoying, thinner, boring, Cesar stated in the video sitting on the beach in his shorts and flip flops strumming an acoustic guitar.

"The worst part is. Is that now my favorite band is Dave Mathews." Cesar told our reporter Megan, who noticed he was now strangely good looking.

"Like, I'm all about Dave Matthews dude. Like, it's kinda lame." Nunez said slightly embarrassed before Megan told him that Dave Matthews band was super rad, even though just a day earlier she told her friend Dave Matthews band was "...bland af..." and "...utter shit..."

"Oh that's cool. I know Dave Matthews is fucking awful. But, that polio vaccine really fucked me up. I mean, all I do now is wear man buns, play guitar, surf, and leave girls on seen." Nunez told Megan, before exchanging numbers so she could potentially "invest in his CBD coffee warehouse."

It was later reported that Nunez retired from advertising to focus on "getting shredded" and building high end surfboards, which earns him a six figure income. Megan also wants to know why he hasn't texted her back since they went out for Korean BBQ. Well, Megan were sorry, but he likes the Ocean & lame dad rock more than he likes you.

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