Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages are not vegetarian!

Friday 06 August 2059 79399 Shares

Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages are not vegetarian!

Linda McCartney’s very popular vegetarian sausage rolls have been discovered to contain meat.
Vegetarians are outraged by this news as this product has been selling consistently through many supermarkets. The main feature of this product was the fact that is was vegetarian but scientist Gavin Beckamson discovered his sausage roll to contain elements of pork. After many tests being ran on the sausage rolls Beckamson reported the popular product to no longer be vegetarian. We believe that the company who produced this product changed the ingredients to contain meat and still keep there status of ‘vegetarian’ because after investigation it had been noted that they were having financial issues. Due to this disturbing news, supermarkets have now removed this item off shelves until further investigation.

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