1 death in ‘Dark Energy’, outbreak of Bell Palsy

Sunday 20 June 2059 48601 Shares

1 death in ‘Dark Energy’, outbreak of Bell Palsy

Over 250 people have reported the disease called Bell Palsy, and 1 case has resulted in death after consuming the sports drink ‘Dark Energy’. The popular pre workout in the fitness industry ‘Dark Energy’ is manufactured by Magnitude Life Sciences and is not currently FDA approved for human consumption. Investigators are currently testing production after a seemingly bad production went out two weeks ago. The extreme risk factors of consuming this highly toxic pre workout include increase risk of heart attack, stroke, temporary altered cognitive function, difficulty breathing and nervousness. The amplifier of these effects is found in an ingredient called DMAA, or methylhexanamine. At this time, public health officials are urging consumers to stop use of ‘Dark Energy’ until investigations are completed.

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