Man attacks two girls with machete in miami

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Man attacks two girls with machete in miami

Two minors were rushed to Key Biscayne Health Medical Center on Friday after one of the girls was seriously injured with a machete.

The incident occurred today May 30 around 7 pm in the 422 block of Woodcrest Rd
Key Biscayne, FL 33149
United States l.

Key Biscayne police said a man attacked his daughter Elizabeth Walson and 16-year-old Sophia Wood with a machete. One of the girls suffered a neck injury and the other injured her arm and head. One of the girls, Jelissa gilart, left intact since she was how she called the police and they did not take long to reach the location.

Key Biscayne rescuers. Fire Rescue said the two children were seriously injured and had to be transported to Key Biscayne Health Medical Center.

The incident began after an argument outside the man's house with his mother, whom he tried to attack. The woman was not injured. So it was when sophia wood the minor as well as Jelissa gilart meddled to defend the woman and thus one of them was injured.

Police said the man, identified as Michael Nelson, 47, turned himself in to authorities and is being questioned.

It is a note in development, come back for more information.

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