“ Local Marine accused of lying about HIV status to partner”

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“ Local Marine accused of lying about HIV status to partner”

SAN DIEGO, CA. (KNXP) - A San Diego man is facing charges after being accused of having sex with a partner without telling her he was HIV positive.
According to court documents, San Diego Police received a call in October from a victim reporting that their boyfriend, 28-year-old Domingo Cano, an active duty Marine, had lied to her about having HIV.
According to the victim's complaint to investigators, they had both protected and unprotected sex while they were dating.

While they were dating, the victim encouraged Domingo to get tested for HIV. The victim said Domingo resisted the idea for a month before finally agreeing to get tested on October 18.
While they were waiting on his test results, Domingo told the victim that there "was a possibility he had HIV" because he'd had unprotected sex multiple times since he was last tested.
Domingo came out of the nurse's room smiling, according to court documents, and showed the paperwork to the victim. The paperwork indicated that Domingo was "positive" and "reactive" for HIV. Investigators note the victim provided them with a copy of that paperwork.

At first Domingo told investigators he had never been diagnosed with HIV and didn't knew he had it. Later, in a sworn verbal statement, he admitted that he tested positive for HIV back in 2016.
Investigators were able to confirm with the U.S. Naval Department of Health that Domingo not only tested positive in 2016, but also tested positive in 2015. 
As a result of the investigation, Domingo was charged and taken into custody on Friday. He remains in the San Diego Jail on a $25,000 bond.  

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