Fulton County schools now reportedly delaying the last day of school by a month

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Fulton County schools now reportedly delaying the last day of school by a month

After a crazy year for Fulton County schools, with some kids being virtual and some kids being in person, along with lots of people getting quarantined throughout the year has lead to a weird but memorable year for many people. The problem with all of this though is that with the vaccines getting rolled out and with teachers being able to feel safer now having the vaccine, the Fulton County School Board feels like kids have missed out on lots of learning and they feel like since things are going back to normal, now is the perfect time for kids to get back all of the learning they missed out throughout the year. To amend this problem, superintendent Mike Looney announced this morning that he has decided that it would be best for the last day of school to be delayed by a month for all Fulton County schools. After getting the news many students and parents have mixed feelings on whether or not delaying the last day of school by a month is the best idea. We interviewed one parent on what she thought about the delay and she stated that “I feel like things could have been more ideal this year, but with the pandemic there is not much the schools could have done to maximize kids learning experiences. But I feel like even with lots of kids being virtual, the schools still managed to teach the kids all the things they needed to learn. That is why I understand why the school board and the superintendent wanted to delay the last day of school but I feel like there is no need for them to do that now considering the kids and schools have next year to help the kids catch up on all the learning and experiences they should have had this year.” Another parent we interviewed had different feelings on the delay and he stated “I completely agree with what the superintendent is doing because with things going back to normal, kids should be able to get all the learning they missed out on before next year. One of the reasons I agree with them is because I have a wife that is a ICU doctor and since she is around people who have Covid-19 all the time, I decided that it would be best to keep my son virtual just so that we don’t accidentally infect the whole school. Although it was the safe decision to do, my son has stated that being virtual has made it 100 times harder for him to learn compared to being in person. And now that the teachers are getting vaccinated, we are going to send him to be in person after spring break but the problem is by then he won’t have much school left to enjoy by then considering that the year is almost over. That is why I feel like delaying the last day of school would be perfect for him and all the virtual kids who are just now in person to be able to catch up on all the things they missed while virtual.” We also interviewed one high schooler who stated this “I feel like the school board has no right to delay the last day of school right now just because I mean we have basically learned almost everything we need to learn for this year. Also what are the schools going to do to help us catch up on all the learning we supposedly “missed”? teach us things we already learned this year? Or maybe they will just cram in a new unit in every class for no reason. We have next year to do all this stuff so why force us to do it now?” But with all of that said people are still wondering if the Mike Looney is going to change his mind and take back his decision to delay the last day of school. People also wonder one other thing:


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