Posts of the day 2017-07-02

Farmersville Man Direct Descendant of Benjamin Franklin
WANTED: Jesus Solis
Russian Submarine Spotted In Lake Lanier (Update)
Woman accused of intentionally driving a Memphis man totally insane
Local Man likes washing machines too much!!
Russian Submarines Spotted In Lake Lanier
Liberals more susceptible to fake news than conservatives
Breaking: Ashley Morel of Albany, Georgia Lands Lead in New "Wonder Woman" Series
Study Finds That Rollerblading Is Yeti AF
Man that was born with very big testicles
A STORM'S A COMING! Broward County Prepares for Sexual Deviant Genuis Convention
Local Pary goer forcibly removed from are lake
Local party goer forcibly removed from area lake.
Steven Solis
Jasper, Ga. man Crazy Shooter
Waco Texas to Change Name to "Magnolia Springs" to Honor Chip & Joanne Gaines
Unlikely New Presidential Candidate
Man arrested for being too damn cool.
El Paso Vandalized
Sterling man charged with murder.
Live.Me star gets paid 500,000 $ and Signed !
Jeep to cancel 2018 Wrangler Models and focus on the all new designed Renegade
Rubber Boas are Making a Comeback to Washington State
Justin Bieber Arrested for Marijuana
Jonna Gibby Loves doin scissors with friends
Jonna Gibby wanted by FBI
Joe Taylor wanted by FBI
Woody Morrison wanted by FBI
Arkansas woman arrested on cruise ship for eating too much
Hiawassee GA - Lake filled with sulfur
Moon on a collision course with Earth
Fourth of July Cancelled
Massive camel toe
Sharknado Takes Power Lines and Damages Trees in East Calloway County
Manhattan Kansas child of 9 1/2 predicts the end of the world
Famed actress dead at 31