Scottsdale LaQuinta

Sunday 20 June 2059 74156 Shares

Scottsdale LaQuinta

There was an employee at the Scottadale LaQuinta on Saturday July 15, 2017 who had an "accident". We won't name the employee to save him the embarrassment, as he's probably already humiliated.
But, have you ever had one of those late drinking nights, and found yourself contemplating on calling in sick because you know all about the beer shits? Well, next time you do, you may want to call in sick. The poor employee made the poor decision to show up to work hungover knowing about the beer shits that could sneak up on him at any moment. Long story short, they hit the employee without notice. This employee was caught "brown handed" cupping his asshole as he ran down the hallway while guests were in disgust. What a fopdoodle!

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